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Model: Big Air Super Bounce 10ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Brief Description: The Big Air Super Bounce range of trampolines are specifically designed as an all round trampoline suitable for both children and adults. We have worked directly with the manufacturer to make these trampolines as efficient as possible when used with all age groups. All in all they are a great family trampoline. Specifications Diameter – 10ft (3.05cm) Height – 76cm Springs – 60 Super Bounce Springs Frame – 1.5mm hot-dipped galvanised steel Max User Weight – 120kg Safety Enclosure – Full enclosure, with independent legs for extra stability (See sections below for more information) Frame: Big Air Super Bounce trampolines are constructed with 1.5mm gauge hot-dipped galvanised steel top frame. The hot dip galvanisation process ensures that the trampoline frame sections are galvanised inside and out, the better for garden and outdoor use (unlike most other more cheap galvanised frames that are only galvanised on the exterior of the frame). Springs: 60 Galvanised and Zinc plated all new Super Bounce 141mm springs (210mm fully extended) with increased helical circumference and greater resilience – leading to improved energy retention in the spring recoil. The result of this is increased bounce for the heaviest of users whilst maintaining performance for lighter users. Spring quality and quantity should be set up dependant on the most common user weight. Generally more/stronger springs are required for heavier users and too many springs can effect performance for lighter users. This spring set up will produce the best all round performance for the whole family. Bounce Mat: All Big Air Trampoline jump mats are made in the USA and manufactured from Grade A Permatron. Permatron is a unique material that can be left outside in a garden all year round and gives an excellent cushioned bounce. We have experimented with more cheap Permatron mats manufactured from outside of the USA and found the quality to be considerably poorer. The V rings used to attach the jump mat to the frame are secured with an eight row stitch for extreme durability. Safety Padding: Big Air Trampolines have been designed with both quality and safety in mind. Big Air Super Bounce safety padding uses a 20mm special shock absorbing closed cell polyethylene to provide protection from the trampoline frame and springs. There is an extra thick layer of padding around the edge to provide added protection from the hard steel frame of the trampoline. These deluxe trampoline pads are also UV treated to protect against harmful rays from the sun. Safety Enclosure: The Big Air Trampoline comes with a free standing safety net that secures to the leg of the trampoline with specially adapted galvanised steel clamps. The safety net is manufactured from 16 gauge hot-dipped galvanised steel (better for garden and outdoor use). We have found that although more expensive to manufacture this design of safety net is far sturdier than other more cheap safety nets which attach to the top of the trampoline legs. This safety net frame is free standing and effectively doubles the number of legs that the trampoline has in contact with the ground, thus significantly increasing the structural integrity of both the trampoline and the safety enclosure. The mesh of the safety net is made from super strong and flexible Terylene thread and the intelligent design uses a free standing net to minimalise the risk of accidents involving the upright posts. The net is fitted with a re-enforced Zip fastening, providing quick & easy access whilst maximising safety. Warranty: 5 year warranty on all frame parts. All other parts are subject to the standard UK Sport Imports warranty. Dimensions: 10ft Diameter, 76cm Height. Max User Weight: 120Kg Construction: Simple construction is required using the instruction manual for guidance. All tools and fixings required are included with the trampoline package. Delivery: Delivery with insurance is free to most mainland UK locations. Certain items will carry a surcharge to offshore and certain North Scotland locations. For more information see our shipping policy page( All delivery time frames are dependent upon courier performance. Standard delivery is based on a one man service, with a two man service available for a small surcharge. Two man delivery is highly recommended if you will be unable to provide the lone driver adequate assistance unloading. For Items showing Free Next Day Delivery, please note that next day delivery is available to most mainland UK locations. For areas where a next day service is not available you will be shown the option for standard delivery. To qualify for same day despatch & next working day delivery, orders must be placed before 3pm. Orders placed after 3pm will be despatched the next working day for delivery the following working day. Big Air Brand Statement Here at UK Sport Imports we are experienced sellers of trampolines with extensive market knowledge. We are proud to present our range of Big Air trampolines. This is the result of 12 months design and consultation with our manufacturing partners, our goal was to produce the ultimate performance and greatly improved durability from standard sized 8, 10, 12 and 14ft trampolines. Each different sized trampoline has been constructed with the optimum number of springs resulting in the maximum bounce for the average weight user. This configuration has been achieved with extensive research during the last 12 months. Some Advice From The Experts Buyers should be very careful not to purchase based solely on the number of springs. Our testing has showed that when increasing the spring numbers beyond current levels the performance of the trampoline suffers drastically unless the user is a real heavyweight. It would cost us virtually nothing to add more springs to our trampolines but we have refrained from doing so believing it to be highly unethical. When choosing your trampoline we urge you to compare the spec of the Big Air trampolines with that of the competition. We are extremely confident that Big Air trampolines will not be beaten on price or performance. You are buying your trampoline direct from the UK Importer which allows us to provide unbeatable value top specification trampolines at a fraction of the price offered by other retailers. PLEASE NOTE: Colours & design may vary from those pictured


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